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Your business needs to run at the speed of tomorrow. That means you need the right kind of technology to get your business at the front of the pack.

These days, that means artificial intelligence (AI). Not the AI in the movies. The kind of AI that powers systems to recognise patterns in behaviour, forecast future outcomes and automate routine processes making your day-to-day more efficient and profitable.   That’s what we do.

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Experienced Data Scientists and Software Developers Who Specialise in AI

Consult: Our information technology (IT) consultancy can help you do just that. Our experienced data scientists and software developers cut their teeth on deep and reinforcement learning. When you hire us, we’ll sit down with you to discuss what you need to make your business run more smoothly. Then we’ll look into how technology can help.

Receive: We’ll deliver you an end-to-end software solution that leverages the latest AI research, custom-tailored specifically for your business. We’ll even teach you how to use it.

Succeed: With our technological expertise and your business savvy, your  business will take charge of the future.

Want success in tomorrow’s world? Contact the AI team at Three Springs Technology for your no-obligation consultation today.

Industry Expertise

The data scientists at Three Springs Technology don’t just know their own field inside and out. They have worked with a variety of industries to create AI powered  systems that take routine processes out of the equation. Systems that reduce the possibility of error. Systems that take the worry out of work. Systems that work for you.

We have created these solutions for industry in the Perth and abroad :

Finance: Intelligent electronic trading and autonomous trading systems

Health: MRI and CT-based AI diagnostic tools, Biopsy & Stereology analysis automation  and other applications

Technology: Question and answer chatbots

Utilities: Smart meter analysis and asset failure forecasting systems

Retail: Recommender systems that entice customers to buy

Sports: Event probability forecasting

We can create such an innovative solution for you—no matter what your field. Contact the technology experts at Three Springs for your no-obligation consultation today.

About Three Springs Technology

Three Springs Technology’s data scientists and software developers have the background and education to deliver solutions to organisations in a wide range of sectors.

With that background, they leverage the latest AI research, open source and vendor products, services, and libraries to deliver scale-able cloud-based solutions for their clients. Fast, quality AI technology solutions that help our clients solve real-world problems. On time and on budget.

Their ongoing work in computer vision has allowed them to develop new solutions to automate work that formerly depended on teams of people . They take part in  Kaggle & other data science competitions to hone their skills to the highest level.

Quality AI technology solutions for our clients in the shortest possible time. That’s the Three Springs promise. To leverage this technology savvy for your business, contact Three Springs today for your private consultation.


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