Our Team

Sherief Khorshid

Founder, Technical Director

Sherief founded Three Springs Technology in 2016. Prior to that, Sherief worked for Morgan Stanley as an Executive Director in Hong Kong. He has over 20 years experience in developing software in quantitative finance for financial institutions. Sherief has since specialised in AI in medical imagery and led the development of two FDA cleared and commercialised  AI models. Sherief has a track record for managing successful teams and has a delivery focussed approach. Sherief has a BSc in Geology from UWA.

Mike Clark

Partner, Technical Director

Before working in machine learning Michael Clark worked in oil and gas. At OMV and Schlumberger he used his MSc in Petroleum Geoscience to Mike joined Three Springs Technology in 2019 as a Partner. Before working in machine learning Mike studied and published in medical physics. In 2016 he founded ThinkCDS, a firm specialised in physics and engineering applications of machine learning. ThinkCDS merged with Three Springs in 2019. Mike has taken many machine learning projects through planning, development, and commercial deployment. His preferred style of working is with agile experiments that will quickly prove or disprove an approach. Mike has a MSc from Victoria University and a BSc in Physics. from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

James Telders

Partner, Commercial Director

James joined us in 2019 as a Partner and leads the  commercial and strategy side of the business. James has a background in Finance with over 10 years of overseas experience in investment banking.  James is a CFA charter holder and holds a MSc degree in Finance from Erasmus School of Economics in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He is a member of two investment committees; at a private wealth management business and a ladies’ college in Perth (non-paid).

Nick Thomson

Data Scientist & Developer

With a BSc in Pure Mathematics from UWA and 6 years commercial experience in Analytics, Machine Learning and programming in C++ and Python Nick has delivered solutions where he applied computer vision AI in the field of exploration geophysics.

Nick is also a highly regarded member of PMLG ( Perth Machine Learning Group)