IntervalRisk AI

IntervalRisk AI is a R&D stage Artificial Intelligence based screening tool designed for breast cancer risk measurement from mammograms. Our objective is to build a computer diagnostic aid that can support the clinician in making a more informed patient recommendation from a mammogram study. Our model is targeting women 40+.

In Australia and many other countries, it is recommended to have a mammogram exam done every two years. Despite this recommendation, studies have found a significant portion of this population continues on to develop breast cancer in between screening rounds. In some cases, patients are diagnosed with late stage interval cancer. Our objective with IntervalRisk AI is to make a positive health impact. If a patient is found to be subject to elevated risk of developing breast cancer in the future, the clinician may advise a more appropriate treatment plan. Examples include more frequent screening, a biopsy or other precautionary measures that could result in a better patient outcome.