AI Solutions for Medical Imagery

Since 2017 Three Springs Techmology has been working for Resonance Health (, an ASX listed company specialised in medical diagnostics solutions and clinical trial services. 

TST is developing AI solutions to automate or semi-automate diagnosis for a number of conditions and measurements based on CT and MRI scan input data, mostly related to the liver.  

The first solution we developed for Resonance Health used data gathered by their proprietary technology FerriScan® to train neural networks to approximate the FerriScan® analytical process.  The solution is called FerriSmart and is used for the quantification of liver iron concentration (“LIC”). The solution has been deployed commercially around the globe and is the world’s first and only AI tool for LIC that has received regulatory clearance by the TGA, CE Mark and FDA.   

TST is also developing a similar solution for Resonance Health for the automation of HepaFat®, a tool that detects liver fat concentration. Applications for regulatory clearance for HepaSmart are expected to occur this year.     

Medical image-based segmentation and regression algorithms is an area where we have spent the majority of our time and the field has become an area of specialty for us.